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Roaming Scout Collection

Roaming Scout was a Skiri Pawnee speaker who recorded a series of narratives on ethical questions including resolution of thefts, interpersonal disputes, and questions of values.

These texts were originally transcribed by George Dorsey in the early twentieth century in an orthography that never acquired a wide currency. Parks has retranscribed them in the modern Pawnee orthography, then glossed and analyzed the modern forms. The original transcription frequently treated word sequences as a single form. The historical and contemporary collections assembled and published here were analyzed under the auspices of Douglas R. Parks' NSF-funded Northern Caddoan Languages Documentation Project from 1992 to the present.

   Ethics 1
   Ethics 2
   Ethics 2B
   Ethics 3
   Ethics 4A
   Ethics 4B
   Ethics 4C
   Ethics 5A
   Ethics 5B
   Ethics 5C
   Roaming Scout 1
   Roaming Scout 2
   Roaming Scout 3
   Roaming Scout 4
   Roaming Scout 5
   Roaming Scout 6
   Roaming Scout 7
   Roaming Scout 8
   Roaming Scout 9
   Roaming Scout 10
   Roaming Scout 11
   Roaming Scout 12
   Roaming Scout 13
   Roaming Scout 14
   Roaming Scout 15
   Roaming Scout 16
   Roaming Scout 17
   Roaming Scout 18
   Roaming Scout 19
   Roaming Scout 20
   Roaming Scout 21
   Roaming Scout 22
   Roaming Scout 23
   Roaming Scout 24
   Roaming Scout 25
   Roaming Scout 26
   Roaming Scout 27 & 28
   Roaming Scout 29
   Roaming Scout 30
   Roaming Scout 32A
   Roaming Scout 32B
   Roaming Scout 32C
   Roaming Scout 33
   Roaming Scout 34
   Roaming Scout 35

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