Credits and Acknowledgements


Arikara Elders (†)

Alfred = Alfred Morsette

Alice = Alice White Bear

Angela = Angela Plante

Clara = Clara Perkins

Ella = Ella P. Waters

Evangeline = Evangeline Pipestem

Fannie = Fannie Whiteman

Lottie = Lottie Webster

Serena = Serena Gardner

Contemporary Voices

KuuNUx = Brad KuuNUx TeeRIt Kroupa

NeetAhkas = Wanbdi NeetAhkas Takaa’aahu’ Waci Perkins

Youth Voices

Aaliyah = Aaliyah Howling Wolf

Gardner = Gardner Deegan

McKenzie = McKenzie Howling Wolf

Other Voices

Oopiinu’ = Logan Sutton

Compilers of the Arikara Phrasebook

Indrek Park

Sayon Ko

Douglas R. Parks

Joshua Richards

Logan Sutton

Travis Myers


Cynthia Ramlo


Cover illustration by Sidney Bolam.

Other Illustrations by David Ripley.

Elders sound files clipped and edited by Jon Bowman and students at CDEL, Indiana Unviversity

Elders sound files catalogued by Sally Anderson

All sound files processed for this website by Logan Sutton

Website designed by Logan Sutton.

Technical support and troubleshooting provided by Travis Myers

Arikara Language Contributors (1970-2001)

Ella P. Waters

Clara Perkins

Mary Gillette

Fannie Whiteman

Alfred Morsette, Sr.

William Deane, Jr.

Lillian Brave

Angela Plante

Demas Wells

John Fox

Dan Hopkins

Esther Perkins

Wilena Little Soldier

Nellie Yellow Bird

Florence White

Joe Fox

Eleanor Chase

Cecilia Brown

Matthew and Alice White Bear

Dan and Mabel Howling Wolf

Arikara Community Member Support

Delilah Yellow Bird

Wanbdi Waci

Brad Kroupa

Kathryn Froelich

David Ripley

Rodney Howling Wolf


Margaret Star


Arikara Language Project

A Joint Endeavor between
American Indian Studies Research Institute
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
White Shield School District #85
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Funding for the printing of the Arikara Phrasebook and the development of this website has been provided by Project CIRCLE through the Missouri River Educational Cooperative, Mandan, ND.

Special thanks to Kathy Froelich and Rhonda Schauer of the MREC for supporting the development of the Arikara Phrasebook Website