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This site provides a portal to several collections of Arikara, Skiri Pawnee, and South Band Pawnee texts—all Northern Caddoan languages. The historical and contemporary collections assembled and published here were marshalled and analyzed under the auspices of Douglas R. Park’s NSF-funded Northern Caddoan Languages Documentation Project from 1992 to the present.

Parks and his collaborators at AISRI are currently developing this site and working with the materials. Modifications will be made to the collection as time progresses. Each viewing of a text will include the date stamp of the source XML file to alert readers to the dates of the current versions. Readers should pay attention to that date stamp and include it in any fair-use citations.

Arikara Texts

   Traditional Narratives Collection

Skiri Pawnee Texts

   Roaming Scout Collection

   Parks Collection

South Band Pawnee Texts

   Weltfish Collection (in progress)

Unicode Encoding and Font Issues

We use Unicode (UTF-8) encodings in these texts following the consensus of linguists and online-language archivists (See, for instance, the Online Language Archives Consortium (OLAC) and the Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Language Documentation (EMELD) project). The Unicode Organization home page lays out the principles of the unicode intiative and provides charts of the character-set ranges.

You may have to adjust your browser to read the texts on this site. We use Lucida Sans Unicode as the working font for our text and dictionary websites, and the interlinear texts are formatted for Lucida Sans Unicode. You may get best viewing results by using that font. A good discussion of how to configure your browser to read unicode-ready sites is available at Alan Wood's Web Site.


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