Several student/interns helped with early research for this project: Elizabeth Noznesky, spring 1992; Rosa Anchondo, summer 1992; and Christian Carstensen, January-August 1993.

Thanks are also due to several colleagues who helped with this project. Paula Fleming, formerly of the Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives, kindly lent the newspaper clipping files she has collected on early Indian delegations to Washington, D.C., as well as her invaluable listing of daguerreans in the capitol in 1852. John Carter, of the Nebraska State Historical Society, suggested early on that a comparison should be done of existing portraits of Yellow Smoke to the daguerreotypes under study, confirming the Omaha lead. Elisabeth Tooker's suggestions led to Beebe (1854), which mentioned the delegation of Omahas as having traveled through New York State in 1851 on their way to Washington. Raymond J. DeMallie, Indiana University, read and commented on the paper.

Thanks must also be given to Dennis Hasch, Smithsonian's supervisory IT specialist, for his assistance in making the website possible, James Kochert, Smithsonian's website administer, for the website's layout, James DiLoreta, from the Smithsonian's photography department, for helping scan the images, and Kayleigh Stack, intern January-August 2011, for designing the site.



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